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Mommy Bashing or Why I’m Better Than You.

R. >> You read that right. I’m better than you. I’m the best Mom in the world actually. In just 9 months of pregnancy and almost 3 months of motherhood, I’m supposed to convince you that I’ve got it all figured out right? NOT AT ALL! But somehow, when reading comments from mothers on other Mommy blogs, it’s like they feel they have to fight you bone and tooth on everything because THEY ARE RIGHT AND YOU ARE WRONG.

I really hate that. We are clearly all raising our children in our owned personalized ways. Sure, “attachment parents” might have a few bones to pick with me throughout the course of the posts that will follow this one. And, yes, I breastfeed, but I’m not a hippie who will tout the merits of how amazing breastfeeding is. I have my own opinions and reasons for feeding my daughter that way.

But somehow, some women have found mommy blogging to be the perfect avenue for flagellating others for their ways and opinions, by hiding behind the curtain of the Internet.  “Keep It Classy” isn’t just a page on this website; it’s the philosophy that both V. and I are going to adopt throughout the course of this blogging experience, and we truly hope that it will be the philosophy adopted by our readers.

Parenting is the craziest, scariest, most awesome experience in the world. I will be a much better parent to my daughter than you will be. Not because I know it all, but because I don’t. I will turn to you sometimes for ideas, thoughts, advice. Sometimes I will share with you my fails and my wins. But never will I intentionally judge anyone in this community. And if I do, you can call me out on it. The point is, and I will try not to get all “Us moms need to stick together”, but I do believe it takes a village to raise a child. And so I’m turning to the global village – you guys – and hopefully we’ll all be the better for it!


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