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Although I Feel Bad Telling You Directly…

V. >> Although I feel bad telling you directly, I secretly hate it when you call my daughter a princess…


Let’s be honest. Everyone loves to think that his or her child is the cutest child on the face of this planet. That he or she is the most unique, special, wonderful creature that God could have ever created. I’m not an exception to this rule. But one thing that I don’t think my child is? A princess.

I hate that term.

To me, being a princess equates to being spoiled, rich, a bit dimwitted, having a silver spoon in your mouth and waiting for a prince charming to save you from your crystal tower. Which is basically everything I don’t want my child to be.

Ok. I might vomit pink clothes. Maybe I’m guilty of putting on the fluffiest, cotton-candy pink outfits EVER on my kid. I actively have to work at putting OTHER colours on her.

I also love Disney movies. I am guilty of already having exposed my daughter to short clips of the Disney songs. The lullaby I sing to her when she is crying is “A dream is a wish your heart makes” from Cinderella. I love the message that, no matter how difficult your life is, if you hold on to your dreams and work hard enough, you might be able to achieve these dreams.

Although for now I dress my daughter in frilly and feminine frocks because I can and because I find it so darn cute, I would be more than fine with my daughter growing up and deciding that she relates more to Shiloh Jolie-Pitt and prefers shorts and running shoes to princess flats and skirts. I hope that I’ll be able to communicate to my daughter that I will love her, no matter how she chooses to dress and how she chooses to identify, gender-wise. When my daughter is old enough to be aware of what she looks like and how she feels about this, I promise to review my colour palette for her wardrobe!

In any case, I am touched when you care enough about my daughter to give her lovely little nicknames. You can call her (almost) anything you want. But please, pretty please… Could you please not call her a princess?

In that spirit… MsPresident



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