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Why I Said “No” To Pink Baby Shower Gifts.

R. >> That’s right. I told my friends and family to find gifts that WEREN’T pink at my baby shower. (Which was kind of ironic seeing as I wore a pink dress to it… just realized that. Oh well, hehe.)

NoPinkAllowedI never thought that 1)it would be so hard to find things that aren’t pink for girls, and 2) they would take it as me “hating” pink.

Let me make this clear: I don’t hate pink. I actually love many different shades of pink. But I don’t want to have to open my daughter’s closet and have to pick between a pink dress, a pink romper, a pink flowery sweater or pink leggings and a pink onesie. I want her to be exposed to every colour in the rainbow and the colours in between. I’d be super excited if one day she came up to me and said “My favourite colour is GREEN!”

Her nursery is full of different geometric patterns and multi-coloured flower decals, her rocking chair is red, her mattress sheet is lavender (and so are her curtains). Her piggy bank is green with white polka dots and she has a collection of different coloured sock monkeys.

Okay, so some of my family members decided to poke fun at me and knitted her pink blankets and pink sweater ensembles as retaliation. They also poke fun at me because I vow to limit the exposure to Disney Princesses (because, as my sister put so well in her post Although I Feel Bad Telling You Directly…  

To me, being a princess equates to being spoiled, rich, a bit dimwitted, having a silver spoon in your mouth and waiting for a prince charming to save you from your crystal tower. Which is basically everything I don’t want my child to be.

Pink and princess to me are the same thing. They’re the lazy way to identify “girl”. Pink is the “go-to” girl colour, just like “princess-anything” is the go-to gift. I don’t want my daughter to think that being a girl means nothing more than Barbies and Easy Bake Ovens, and pink glitter pens and plastic high heels. I want her to love yellow polka dots, stare down a microscope or up a telescope with a smile on her face, I want her to run towards us showing off her Lego master creation and dream about being an astronaut. I want her to not even think twice about joining a basketball team or a chess team or even a debate team.

To me, pink is a limitation. I want my daughter to be more than pink. I want her to be any part of the rainbow and every part of the rainbow. Whenever she wants. And if she ends up picking pink as her favourite colour, I’ll be really happy because she’ll have chosen it on her own, without me suffocating her in a pink world.


3 thoughts on “Why I Said “No” To Pink Baby Shower Gifts.

  1. I completely Agree it was really hard to find Purple owl stuff. Everything was pink, pink, pink. I mean by girl number 3 I realize that it impossible to stay 100% away from pink, but I am completely pinked out. Luckily for me my nine year old hates pink now, and will only wear it if forced.

  2. Wait a few years… she might cry every morning to wear that pink-princess-dress-you-hate (the one she received as a gift obviously because you wouldn’t have bought this ever!).
    I personnaly gave up dressing my daughter the way I like since anyway, she won’t go without a fight. I choose the harmony over all the pink stuff she decides to wear… and hope she will grow out of it one day, as we all did!

    • If she grows to love pink, I will embrace it (like I said, I do enjoy pink, I just don’t want her having nothing BUT pink in her wardrobe, which will kind of oblige wearing different colours). But we’ll find out when we get there, right? Until then, Momma gets to enjoy her yellow polka dots, red hearts and navy stripes! 🙂

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