The Reason Extended Breastfeeding Creeps Me Out

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No, it’s not that I would be afraid of my child being abnormally attached to me. It’s not that I would be afraid of having to limit my alcohol consumption for as long as my child decides that he or she is not ready to let go of my breast. And finally, it’s not because I would be afraid of what people would think of me if my child pulled down my shirt in a restaurant to take a drink of milk.


Extended Breastfeeding creeps me the hell out because, once the child is old enough to talk, he or she seems to gain loads of pleasure out of nicknaming mom’s boobs and the milk that comes out of them. And the moms seem to find this adorable too… Honestly, every time that I read “mama milk” or hear a child say “can I have some milkies” my entire body shivers and I want to throw up. Seriously, if I hear someone say “mummy yummies” one more time I’ll probably have to be internalized for prolonged mental distress. And to think that Dr. Sears actually encourages this! :S

My breasts are beautiful and womanly. They produce milk that is awesome for my child. However, do we really have to give them cute names like we give to our pets and dolls?? It’s enough to have boyfriends who want to name our boobs… Now we have to let our children do so, too? Geez, it’s like our boobs aren’t our own anymore!

I’m formally calling my sister out, here on our blog! Rachelle, your nickname for breastmilk is the grossest nickname ever!!! For all of you readers out there, here’s her little gem – the term she uses to gross us out: boob juice (I just threw up in my mouth a little). Ew. Thank god you’re not serious about it and you only do it to torture me. But seriously, please stop. 😉 (Editors Note: Nope. Sorry. Boob juice stays.)

This is why I would stop breastfeeding (if I could, mind you) before my child would be old enough to invent a name for my boobs and the liquid that comes out of them. At least give me the dignity of being able to call my boobs “left boob” and “right boob”.


4 thoughts on “The Reason Extended Breastfeeding Creeps Me Out

  1. Get out your barf bucket, lady! My son is 22 months and he is still loving his “bubba juice.” Giving it a special name made it so much easier for us to distinguish whether he wanted milk from me or milk from the fridge . . . though he wants mine 99% of the time.

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