Breastmilk and Dehydration.

headacheI haven’t felt this hung-over since… I actually can’t remember the last time I was this hung-over. It’s been that long! After nine months of pregnancy and 4 months of breastfeeding, you’d think that I wouldn’t feel this way! You might be thinking right now that I drank intensely last night. Alas, last night was a night like any other. I ate a burger and drank… one beer. One measly, stinking beer. And I feel like opening up my skull and dumping a gallon of water straight onto my brain.

Mea culpa, maybe I shouldn’t have drunk that beer since I was probably already dehydrated to begin with. I always try to drink enough water, but it seems as though, between taking care of Souris, getting stuff done around the house, and getting out of the house to actually have a semblance of a life, I forgot to drink water. Oops…

So for all of you out there working hard to breastfeed, or express your milk, always carry around a bottle water ;). And if you’re planning on having a well-deserved glass of alcohol tonight, make sure you drink water to thirst first!

It’s important to drink to thirst only (and not overdrink) because, apparently, if you overdrink you might actually cause your milk production to decrease (I didn’t know that before researching this today!!)

According to The Breastfeeding Mother’s Guide to Making More Milk:

The body’s reaction to excessive water intake (well beyond thirst) is to dump the excess fluid through the urine in order to maintain the proper electrolyte balance. Water is diverted away from the breast, and lower milk volume can result.

Read more:

For more information, here is an interesting link:


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