Battle of the Bottle – Part 2.

iStock_000012515655XSmallYesterday was the second time I headed out of the house sans baby or husband to go enjoy brunch with former colleagues in the city. As you know, once my baby hit the three month mark, she decided she didn’t like the bottle anymore, so leaving her with Dad stressed me out a little. Would she let him bottle feed her? Would I have to come home sooner than expected due to a fussy, starving baby? Was she going to suffer separation anxiety already (I knew I was… eich).

I had done a little research during the week on how to reintroduce the bottle to breastfed babies, and the main suggestion had been pretty obvious: let someone else bottle feed and leave the house so that baby won’t smell you and refuse the bottle. Which seems pretty obvious.

After a substantial breastfeeding session, I spent the morning going through a ritual I hadn’t done in months: long shower, exfoliating, moisturizing, a full face of makeup beyond cover up and mascara, and I actually blow dried and flat ironed my friggin’ hair, too! Oh, and I wore a push up bra instead of one of my unflattering nursing bras. Oh helllllooooo ladies!

So after a bunch of kisses and deep breaths, I headed out for a great morning of reunions, awesome conversations, mimosas and food.

About two hours into my day out, I get a text from my husband simply saying: “She drank a whole bottle!”

I was so excited I actually burst out loud laughing, causing the table to look at me weird. Thankfully there were mothers who had been through similar battles, so they cheered with me, saving me from a little embarrassment. :S

At the end of the day, with a little patience and heading the advice that we read, our daughter gulped down 3 bottles while I was out. Curious to test the waters, my husband wanted to see if she would eat while I was home,… which didn’t work. She’s smarter than your average bear, this little one. After chewing on the nipple and swallowing a measly ounce, drop by drop, I placed her back on my breast, and there she happily nuzzled and drank away.

So! I’m happy that I now know I can leave my daughter in the hands of my husband, or babysitters, and go enjoy some alone time with the peace of mind that she WILL eat.

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3 thoughts on “Battle of the Bottle – Part 2.

    • It definitely was. And leaving the house for a me day will become a weekly thing now. Next time I’ll just remember to pump when I get home. Damn mastitis took a day to go away… ouch.

  1. When I read the text part I was like “YES!” for you! Someone has decided bottles are no bueno as well… but shes old enough for “The Battle of the Sippycup” oi vey!

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