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Essie Sleek Stick Nail Strips Saved My Manis!

essieI have 23 bottles of nail polish in my bathroom. Beautiful colours for every occasion. And I haven’t opened a single bottle since over a year ago. Partly because I didn’t want all the chemicals found in them seeping through my nail beds and potentially harming my baby (I didn’t want to become a case study) and partly because, really, who has the time after giving birth to give yourself a good manicure that actually has time to dry before picking baby up or going to sleep?!

In the past I’ve tried Sally Hansen Salon Effects Nail Strips which I really liked; they’re quick to apply, you can gently stretch them to fit your nail perfectly, they last about 10 days and are quite affordable at approximately 10$.

During a trip to my local Loblaws, which is very, very dangerous for the record, I discovered that my second favourite nail brand* Essie now carried their own nail strips, Sleek Sticks! So last night, after putting ZZ Top to bed, I curled up on my couch to finally give my nails some attention for the first time since my last manicure, which was 5 months ago…

First, I will mention that Sleek Sticks are quite expensive at 18$, however you do get a lot more bang for your buck than SH: in the little package you get 18 nail strips rather than 12, an orange stick to help push back your cuticles and a nail file to shape your nails and remove the excess strips.

That is VERY smart for the Mom on the go. Just throw the kit in your bag and apply during the first 20 minutes of free time you can find!

After washing my hands and pushing back my cuticles, I began the application; these strips are definitely thicker and stickier than the other brands I tried, but are still easy to remove and replace until you get the right fit. Of course, the thickness of the strip did have a downside: the little bumps on the side and tips of the nail where the strip bunches up when your nail curves. (You can see one of the small bumps on my index finger in the photo.) I’m not an amateur at nail strips, I always rub the strips over my entire nail but somehow I just couldn’t get rid of the small bumps. Oh well. Screen Shot 2013-03-11 at 12.25.57 PM

I love the colour and patterns that Essie offers (of course, Essie ALWAYS has a great colour palette!)

All that is left to see is how long they last through the dozens of diaper changes and the dishwashing and laundry, and how easy they are to remove! (They have made it through the night so far, as I went to bed pretty much immediately after application!)

Added Bonus: my 3 month old, who’s right in the middle of developing her sense of touch, LOVES the little bumps on Mommy’s nails and playfully rubbed them while nursing earlier today.

UPDATE: The stickers lasted 2 days. Meaning after scratching myself with the bumpy edges, scratching my daughter’s face with the same sharp edges, and being sick of feeling the 3D texture of the strips, I removed them ASAP. At least they were easily removed. Sorry Essie, I’ll be sticking to your lacquer.

*My first favourite nail polish brand is Butter Nail Lacquer due to the fact they contain NO Formaldehyde, NO Toluene, NO DBP, which make them the perfect manicure option for pregnant and breastfeeding mothers.

Disclaimer: I was not approached by Essie to do a product review. I paid for the product myself and chose to write a review of my own accord.


4 thoughts on “Essie Sleek Stick Nail Strips Saved My Manis!

  1. So did you like Sally Hansen’s strips or Essie’s strips better? I’m considering trying the Essie, but I don’t like the idea of scratchy nails. If you have time, lmk what you think of my Sally Hansen strips review 🙂

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