Rashes, Writing and Busted Laptops: A WWST Update.

iStock_000012146865XSmall“Kkkrrrssshhhhh… come in Rachelle and Vee….. kkrrrssshhhhhhhhh… Can anyone hear me? Krrssshhhhhh….”

Reality. It sometimes means that things that you are passionate about like writing, blogging, going out with friends, can take a back seat. Our silence on the blog recently is nothing to worry about, though.

Vee’s computer broke. And her cat ate the power cord of the other laptop in the house. Again. That’s a pretty good reason for a normally blog-chatty woman to accumulate dust on her side of the blog.

What’s my excuse though? Blogging has awakened a long dormant passion of mine. Creative writing. Over the last few days I’ve decided that I may as well put my maternity leave and my daughter’s naps to good use. I’ve recently starting researching for a novel I’m writing, and that has been taking up a lot of my free time.

But there’s also the reality of dealing with “topics”. At WWST we don’t want to publish only diary-style posts; we want to share what we’ve learned about things we’re going through with our kids. For instance, my daughter has recently developed a pretty bad rash and I’ve been looking into cutting down the potential causes for it before taking her to see a doc (detergent, soap residue, allergens). So I don’t want to write about it until we’ve covered our bases and better understand what we were dealing with. Vee and I strongly believe that we don’t want to publish false hopes or generalities, knowing full well that each child and case is different. I’ll post about it as soon as possible.

On Vee’s side, she’s been dealing with the difficult decision of weaning from the breast pump. I’m looking forward to her post on that topic because I think that not many women look into feeding exclusively expressed breast milk, nor do we appreciate the dedication necessary and the emotional toll it takes when you make the decision to stop (I think we all have a love/hate relationship with our breast pumps).

So no fear, we’ve not given up on WWST, but we’re rolling along and dealing with life… and a little of the blank page syndrome. If you have discussion ideas you’d like to take up with us, feel free to post them in the comments! We’re very open to suggestions!


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