My Child is a Suitcase.

I lug her around everywhere I go. In fact, I’ve been doing it nearly ever since she was born!

TravelingWithBabyWhen I was pregnant, I tried not to build too many expectations or goals for my family, because I figured that, never having raised a child of my own, I was bound to be surprised. One thing however was primordial to me: I wanted to make sure that my child would be used to going out as early as her personality would allow. I didn’t want to live my life in my condo-bubble. I wanted to be able to get out when I needed to, and have a child that would just follow along happily.

You can therefore guess that I’m not one of those moms who believes that you have to keep your kid inside for at least three months after the birth in order to protect them from germs!!!

I was therefore lucky to inherit a very go-with-the-flow type child. Souris is a very curious, active and outgoing baby. She doesn’t cling to a routine, and as long as she’s with us and gets fed when she’s hungry, she’s A-Ok! She’s never even cried for a diaper change which is odd, but hey – I guess she doesn’t mind having a wet bum! Therefore, my boyfriend and I were able to take our first outing (a stroll around the block) after barely a week of her birth. It might have happened even earlier, had my Secret Garden not been completely bent out of shape after giving birth…

Despite the difficulties of having a baby in the wintertime in Montreal, we were able to go to the grocery store with Souris on hand within a week, go to a noisy restaurant to celebrate my best friend’s thirtieth birthday party within three weeks, spend a week showing Souris’ French grandparents around town within a month and a half, and had our first weekend trip at the four month mark.

At the point of going on the road with Souris, we were so used to being outside of the house that packing was no big deal. I didn’t have a plan, I didn’t make a list. I just opened up a bag, put in enough clothes and diapers for 2 days, packed 3 toys, a vibrating chair and her pack-and-play, and most importantly, my skis ;). I trust that I’ve been out of the house enough times to (mostly) remember what I need.

I’ve learned with time that less is more when it comes to travelling, and if ever you forget something at home, you can more than likely buy a replacement when you get to your destination (my sister finds it hilarious and completely insane that my diaper bag is in fact just my medium-size purse in which I add what I need for the baby!) The things I always try to pack first are the things that Souris has a hard time living without: her blankie and Tylenol for the teething, my breast pump for when I was still pumping. I always keep a toy or two in her carseat so I never really worry about her entertainment. Clothes can be washed, diapers can be bought. When you let go of the details and just enjoy the process, things just seem to take care of themselves!

It feels great to be able to go wherever we like, knowing that the little one will be just as happy as she is at home. It’s a liberating feeling to trust that, no matter how far we go or how long we stay, we will have fun, and Souris will bring smiles to everyone she sees. This summer, we’re planning a week-long trip to Gaspésie with my boyfriend’s family, and I can’t wait to see Souris in her little bathing suit at the beach with a shovel and a bucket and her little summer hat!

Souris gets to see the world around her, and we get to continue to live the lives we love to live. Nothing in the world makes me happier, especially when we do it stress-free!!!


One thought on “My Child is a Suitcase.

  1. It’s great that your little one is so portable! I also did not follow the three month “rule” when my son was born, I just thought it made no sense. As for the diaper bag, well, I’m kind of embarrassed to say that we hardly ever lug it around anymore. When I’m just going out for a couple of hours, I don’t ever bring it with me (perhaps I’ll start again if my son has a diaper accident, but it hasn’t happened yet *knock on wood*). We haven’t had the chance to go on a lengthy road trip yet, but I suspect we’ll be packing only the bare necessities. I’ve always been a light packer (I would bring a backpack when everyone else had a suitcase…) so I suspect I’ll be the same when we’ll be going to Québec this summer.

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