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My Baby Is Bored.

Screen Shot 2013-09-07 at 2.14.54 PMI’ve got a situation on my hands… After months and months of successful sleep training, my baby has regressed. Where she used to fall asleep almost immediately when I would put her in bed, both for her naps and for her bedtime, she now screams and wails for about an hour before finally giving up and getting to sleep… That is, before she wakes up two hours later to start it over again.

WHY OH WHY do the fates make me have to sleep train her again?! Having to endure her screaming her lungs out for 45 minutes isn’t exactly my definition of fun – especially when I’m exhausted from my vacation.

I need rest, young lady!

Obviously, she doesn’t care what I think.

She’s not scared or cold. She’s not teething nor does she have a sore belly. Basically, nothing is wrong with her. When we pick her up though, it’s party time! Never in my life have I seen a baby go from about-to-die crying to hey-let’s-shake-our-booties jumping.

I think that my boyfriend found the problem. She’s just bored.

We went from going out ALL of the time for three weeks straight, and being surrounded by three other children to the sweet silence of an empty house. And although I need my rest and just wanted a few days to sit around the house doing sweet fuck-all, I get the sense that she’s not going to let me relax so easily.

Today, I decided to test the theory of boredom by bringing her to the Biodôme for a few hours. It’s the perfect outing because it’s just close enough to my house that we can have a nice stroll in the park on the way there, and it’s not too long to go around the place.

So we went, we conquered, and Souris fell asleep without a fuss.


I think I’m doomed to schedule an activity a day for the rest of my life, just to keep her sufficiently tired at night.

So, who wants to meet me at the pool tomorrow?!


Photo source: Snuglo


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