About R. & V.

R. & V. are, before anything else, two sisters who have had quite the rocky relationship. But when they learned they were pregnant only two weeks apart, their relationship morphed into the sisterhood they had been hoping for since early on.

As their pregnancies progressed, they learned that they had different points of view and experiences with motherhood, child rearing, breastfeeding, work and relationships. But their new near-daily phone calls (or silenced Facebook and text messages while the babies were sleeping) quickly turned criticizing the experience of “mommy blogs”.

Beyond sharing parents and genes, here are just a few of their differences:

Differences_v2Fuelled with the desire to write the blog they’d like to read, a little caffeine and bursts of sparse free time, What Would She Think? looks at life as 30-something women, mothers and sisters.

PS – Since the creation of this site, we’ve both welcomed two more children in our families; Vee welcomed a boy and Rachelle, a little girl.


R. is a marketing strategist specializing in Social Media and Digital Content (and is the eldest but doesn’t always act like it), living the suburban life – though desperately clinging to her urban identity.

V. is a child and teen counsellor (and is the youngest but she doesn’t always agree with it), who’s addicted to buying makeup and decorating.


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