Because we want to make sure we never forget why and how we started WWST, we’ve decided to share with you the 10 commandments we’ve chosen to go by when writing WWST.

  1. Thou shall not infringe on baby’s privacy before she has the mental capacity of giving consent.
  2. Thou shall not talk about celebrities’ lives, unless referring to them in a topic. Celebrities are not to be the main focus of a post.
  3. Thou shall not generalize about groups of parents as a whole.
  4. Thou shall not use insults or try to degrade someone through posts or comments, on this blog or any other.
  5. Thou shall remember to quote and link to sources when applicable.
  6. Thou shall proofread. Twice.
  7. Thou shall remember that Montreal, however awesome it is, is NOT the center of the universe. Global topics are encouraged.
  8. Positive-toned posts shall represent the majority of WWST content.
  9. Negative-toned posts should aim to provide or look for solutions to problems, not just focus on bad things.
  10. And most important of all, always ask yourself: when our daughters will be old enough to read and understand this blog, what would she think?

– R. & V.


3 thoughts on “Commandments

  1. I’m pretty sure you already broke the privacy commandment. How many baby pictures are on Facebook? In fact didn’t you break the commandment even before the baby was born, by posting the ultrasound?

    • Good point, however our personal Facebook accounts differ from a public blog like WWST as we have privacy settings and only have friends and family connected to it, not Mr & Mrs Anyone. We will not be sharing baby names on here and very rarely will we post personal photos unless they are used to portrait unique points of view like in the case of the NICU article (for which we did actually search for public domain photos but could find none that were appropriate). But good lookin’ out and keeping us on our toes.

  2. Great concept. And great discussion of topics important to females coming up in the world and those who raise them.

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